Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guest Bedroom - Before & After

We have been in our house almost four years and our back room has always been a frustrating place for me...it's been a combination of guest room/junk room this whole time. When we had guests they had to step over the chaos of unpacked boxes and miscellaneous stuff that I didn't know what to do with.

I am happy to announce that the chaos is over! I took advantage of Labor Day and did some laboring!

The "before" pictures show the chaos quite clearly. For the longest time, Chuck's clothes were stored in three (yes, three) different rooms. A few weeks ago Chuck hung an extra bar in his closet and we did some rearranging. Now all his clothes are in one tiny closet, but at least they're all in one place now. That means the closet below in the "before" picture is now empty and begging me to find something to stuff it with. I am restraining and trying to decide what makes the most sense to put there for now.

We also no longer have this bedframe; it's at my mom's in her guest room. It's not ours though...we were borrowing it from my friend Kathy. We did, however, keep the water bed mattress that goes with it and put it on a stand alone frame for the time being.

Guest bed - BEFORE

Office area in guest bedroom - BEFORE

This antique desk also found a new home in my mom's sewing area in her bonus room. It's not really a desk, even though that's what we were using it for...it's a sewing table, so my mom's going to restore it back to it's original glory and use it for what it was intended for.

Office area - AFTER

This is the desk we got from the big furniture sale we went to last weekend. Soon we'll be moving our computer into this room onto the desk to free up space in the other bedroom. We're hoping that bedroom will need to be turned into a baby room sometime soon.

Guest bed area - AFTER

I still need to work on the headboard project I have in mind, but for now this setup will work just fine. The bedspread was on it's way to Goodwill from Chuck's mom's house when I rescued it last weekend. I'd really like a chocolate brown one, but this one will work until I find a good deal on one and it's in the budget. The new rug is also from last weekend's sale. The side table was a $7 yard sale deal before we got married. And my favorite of all, my painting from Romania, completes the room. I'll post a more detailed description of this amazing artwork, but for now, just trust me...it's amazing! :)

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