Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Furniture Sale

This weekend we were blessed by an incredible good deal. Chuck's sister works for a builder that was getting rid of their furniture inventory from their model houses. We arrived at the tent sale at 6:30am...WAY too early for me, but it meant that we got first dibs on the furniture available. After helping the staff set out some of the artwork, we were able to stake our claim to some great pieces. Everything was prepriced with tags and at 7:30 you could take the tag off the item you wanted to purchase. We had Chuck's parents claim these two chairs that will match a couch we purchased earlier from a similar sale. Chuck and I claimed some of the other pieces below. I don't have pictures of it all b/c there were several other smaller items too, but these were the big ones. And the kicker...we purchased all of this for $234 after tax. I'm incredibly excited to have furniture that we actually purchased instead of hand-me-downs (although I'm definitely grateful for all of the furniture that's been given to us in the past five years).

Chuck's niece checking out the chair to make sure it's comfortable enough!

Chuck loading up my dad's truck with all the loot.

A cute set of dishes from World Market - we paid $2.00 for the 4-place setting.

This chaise lounge was $30 due to some water stains. Mom and I are going to try our hand at recovering it in a chocolate brown color to match our den.

This mirror is the perfect compliment to our bedroom decor.

My favorite piece...the green and chocolate brown rug that matches my painting from Romania (I'll post a picture later). I've been looking for something to inspire decorating in this room for years. This is perfect and hopefully soon I'll have pictures of this newly redecorated office/guest bedroom.

This desk will go in the soon-to-be-redecorated office/guest bedroom combo. It has a large working space with beautiful detail. The clock was Chuck's pick...he loves clocks and thought this one looked old and authentic (too bad the battery in the back gives it away!). The basket in the middle is a picnic basket with a leather strap on it, perfect for carrying things back and forth from church, my mom's house, etc. The baskets on the right are 2 of a 3 piece set - just one of two different 3 piece sets of baskets we bought at the sale. You can never have too many baskets!

This is the set of two chairs that will match our new couch. The couch is still in the builder's waiting room area in one of their showrooms, but we should be able to pick it up soon.

This is just a pillow I thought was cute and I'll use it in the office/guest bedroom to compliment the green and brown.

Although I forgot to take pictures of them tonight, we also bought a stainless steel 1200 watt microwave for $30 and a stainless steel dishwasher ($1200 value) for $100. Yes, these were both a steal!

I am so excited about having "real" furniture and about getting to decorate a room. So far since we've been married we've made do with what others have given us or what we could get from yard sales. Until now, we'd never purchased a couch or chairs. We are still using several pieces of furniture that have been given to us over the years - two dressers, two end tables, bookshelves, filing cabinets, kitchen table and chairs, coffee table, and refrigerator. As you can see, we wouldn't have much furniture at all if it wasn't for some very generous people in our lives. But this weekend it was so exciting to be able to purchase some new things, pay with cash, and stay within our budget. All that coupon clipping, deal watching, and budget managing paid off! :)

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