Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hooray for House Projects

Labor Day included several projects around the house including rearranging and redecorating the back room (now the guest room and office), cleaning off our back porch, and installing the new dishwasher we got from the big furniture sale last week ($1200 dishwasher...paid $100). Here's the results of the dishwasher project:

Before - wanting to just take a hammer to it! Check out that stylish paneling!

On the way out!

Success! Only one trip to Lowe's for parts. Looks (and works) great!

This picture does nothing but proves how small of a town we live in and that when people make fun of us for it, they are basing it on truth! We were cleaning out the back room and took out an old dresser that was Chuck's grandfather's. It was made of paneling and had warped due to water damage, not to mention that it was just plain ugly. We were both tired of seeing it and it had worn out it's welcome at our house. Our initial thought was to take it to Goodwill or our local charity that accepts similar donations, however, due to past success with this tactic, we decided to set it on the side of the road in front of our house with a "FREE" sign and see if someone would pick it up. We always get a laugh out of this method of getting rid of unwanted stuff. This time we made our own little bet on how long it would take before it was gone. I said 3 hours; Chuck said 5 hours. No joke...only 5 MINUTES later, this is what I saw...amazing how some people's trash is someone elses' treasure. After that success, we decided to do the same thing with our old dishwasher. It took a few more hours (overnight), but today it is gone and we didn't have to haul it anywhere but the front yard. The benefits of living in a tiny town!!

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