Sunday, May 9, 2010

11 Month Snapshot

A quick snapshot of Salem at 11 months old...

One word: Happy
Elaborate: She's a very social baby who loves to be around people and hates to be missing anything.
Teeth: Four, two on top, two on bottom - both in the middle
Drinking from a cup?: Yes, with help.
Walking?: Only with her car walker toy from Mimi (see previous post's video). Otherwise, she does the crab crawl. In the past week, she's stood on her own for a little longer at a time (just a few seconds) and she cruises around furniture and walls like crazy.
First words: Mama, Dada, Go
Favorite Thing: Being chased
Newest Thing: Offering things to others. Today she "fed" me her Cheerios from her snack cup
Favorite Foods: Mama's milk, Puffs and Cheerios, Hummus
Favorite Book: The Thank You Prayer, given to her by Debbie Koontz for Christmas. We read it together every night after bathtime and before bed. Mommy has it memorized!
Favorite Song: God Made Me ("My God is So BIG")
Favorite Game: Peek A Boo
Meeting New People?: She studies people that she has never met.
Drives Us Crazy When...: She wiggles away from me when I'm changing her diaper. She refuses to fall back to sleep on her own
Cutest Thing: Her smile and when she laughs out loud to something
What Makes Her Laugh?: Tossing her in the air, tickling her thighs, dancing with dad.

The pictures are from earlier this week when Salem was finished with her dinner and was getting ready to get in the bathtub before bedtime (hence the nakey pictures...again). Enjoy!

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