Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Fast Baby

Salem is definitely on the verge of walking. She is crawling like a crazy kid and is 'cruising' on anything she can figure out how to pull up on. Although she started out the crawling process by doing some kind of strange hop (I'll have to find that video clip somewhere), she quickly progressed to crawling on her knees...but not for long! For the past few weeks she's decided she doesn't like crawling on her knees and that it is much faster to just "walk" on her tippy toes while crawling. She's pretty good at it too. Check out this video of her crawling down the hallway yesterday.


Jessica said...

i love her face at the very end! such a cutie!

- - - - - said...

aw that's great!!! isn't it amazing how the grow and learn so much so quickly?! being a mommy is the best. :)