Monday, June 1, 2009

Too Early to be Awake

I can't sleep. Neither can Chuck. It's almost 5am and we've both been up for at least an hour. Most people have said that it's preparation for being up in the middle of the night after our little one arrives, but I just don't see how sleep deprivation prepares you for MORE sleep deprivation. Doesn't make much sense to me.

Chuck's watching some new TV show online and I've been catching up on blogs and news. Pretty boring. You'd think if I'm going to be awake then I'd try to do something productive, but there's no energy for that. I'm awake, but I just feel like laying here. The more I lay here awake though, the more my body reminds me that I'm 9 months pregnant and uncomfortable. We're both just ready for her to be here.

Please, no one remind me that I'm still one week from our due date and this little one could potentially come up to two weeks late. Although I'm not miserable, I might be three weeks from now...if not physicially, just emotionally from the anticipation of waiting and lack of sleep.

The plan is to be at work tomorrow morning though, so hopefully that will make the time pass more quickly. I definitely have plenty to do.

Well looks like Chuck is headed back in here to try to sleep some more, so I suppose I will attempt it again too. Good night all.

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