Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update: 39 Weeks

We are quickly closing in on the one-week till due date mark! I think Chuck's excitement has increased my anxiousness for our little one to arrive too. I thought I'd be perfectly fine to wait until her due date, but despite the fact that physically I'm not to the "I'm completely miserable...get this baby out of me now!" phase yet, I still am very much looking forward to getting to hold her soon!

House projects are finishing up...I should have an "after" picture of our remodeled bathroom posted soon. There's a little bit of moulding and the mirror to re-hang, but other than that it's ready. It's been retrofitted with a new shower lining, stripped of its flower-power wallpaper, and painted a beautiful seafoam blue-green color. Chuck even made a built-in shelf for behind the door to give us a little more storage space. It really has turned out great!

The nursery has come together well too. The room was already painted a hydrangea blue color (my pick when we first moved into the house) and I wanted to keep it that way, even if we found out we were having a little girl, so blue it is. I'm convinced we've added enough pink to make it girly for her! :) The changing table is a dresser that my dad made when my sister and I were babies. The mirror came from Chuck's sister Melinda's yard sale pile (thanks Melinda!) and works perfectly over the changing table. The room is very small, so it helps make it look a little bigger than it really is.

The crib was a craigslist find, but my dad is also in the process of making us one that we'll be able to keep and use for future babies. The wall hangings came from one of my baby showers and are my favorite decoration. They work perfectly to make the blue room more feminine and have cute designs like butterflies, fireflies, and ladybugs on them. They also match a quilt my grandmother made. We opted for a traditional living room type glider/rocker & ottoman instead of the normal baby room gliders because it reclines and we should be able to use it elsewhere in the house when it's no longer needed in the nursery. Plus, it is SO comfy! I have to be careful because if I sit in it too long, I fall immediately to sleep!

Speaking of sleeping, I am doing a lot more of that on the weekends these days. It's pretty impossible for me to get a nap during the day at work, but I'm taking advantage of the fact that we haven't had much planned in the evenings since we aren't sure of baby's arrival date and sleeping more. Thanks to Chuck and our parents, most of the cleaning and house projects are finished up, so it's much easier for me to relax and sleep when I can. Chuck snuck a picture of me today as I was napping on the back porch with the puppies. I think they're starting to understand that things are really going to be changing around here soon!

Despite not having big plans, we did tackle a few more projects today. Mom and I headed to the Jockey plant for their sale ($2 underwear...woo hoo!) early this morning. Chuck painted our back door, worked on stuff for church, finished up the shelves in the bathroom, and took advantage of the great weather and mowed the yard. We both spent about 30 minutes weeding the veggie garden too. With all the rain we've had, the weeds have taken over a bit, but we were able to unearth several of the plants. We have several different ones doing well including zucchini, squash, peppers, corn, and snow peas. I'm excited to see what else comes up and will be even more excited to be eating fresh veggies from our own garden this year!

Well I think it's getting to be nap time again. Since nothing much is happening related to me potentially going into labor any time soon, our plan tonight is to go help with a banquet for special needs individuals in our community. We'll be serving dinner to them and their families - should be a great event! But I should rest before I go since I'll be on my feet for awhile, so toodle doo for now!

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Meghan said...

Dad made that dresser?? I didn't know that and I used that dresser for years growing up.

Eli's looking a bit squished in that picture...I think something is in his way making him turn his head at a funny angle. :)