Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Complete!

As baby Taylor's due date quickly approaches, we are thankfully finishing up with many of the house projects that were started, including the impromptu bathroom remodel.

Before: tearing out the old shower

Before: tearing down the old wallpaper

After: new shower (hiding behind my pretty shower curtain), freshly painted walls (LOVE the color!), and newly framed out mirror (looks SO much better!).

After: new built-in shelves behind the door

Thanks to both sets of parents and my awesome hubby, our bathroom looks 100 times better than it ever has! It is freshly painted and is sporting a new, sparkling clean shower/tub. Chuck even replaced the "guts" of the toilet and fixed the persistent leak. The new color is so relaxing - love, love, love it!!

Here's today's picture...this is tonight after church. I wanted something really cold and the only thing I could find that hit the spot was a tub of frozen Cool Whip...yum!

I'm definitely getting more and more uncomfortable and would be happy if our little girl arrived any time now! Come on baby, time to make your appearance!!

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