Friday, May 29, 2009

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say or Do to Your 9-Month Pregnant Wife

(yes, Chuck has done ALL of these things!)

1. Throw a cup of freezing cold water on her in the shower, saying
“I was just trying to scare the baby out of you!”

2. Sneak hot sauce in her eggs in an attempt to get her to go into labor more quickly

3. Shank her shorts/pants regularly (in the private of your own home…but still!!)

4. Tell her about a story you heard when the baby came out with a “conehead” and make references to alien movies

5. Tell her she looks like “Shamu” when she attempts to get out of the bed in the mornings

Anybody have more to add?

To his credit, Chuck has really been a wonderfully doting husband throughout this whole pregnancy. He's getting a little anxious now to hold our little one, reminding her this morning through my belly that "there's more room out here" and "I can't hold you until you come out". It really is cute and I'm thrilled to have such a loving, supportive, and excited husband to walk this road with me!!


Meghan said...

Oh my goodness - hilarious. I think I could have handled all of those except for the cup of cold water!

Ben said...

Don't say, "Man I slept like a rock last night."

Good luck in the delivery!

Mindy said...

Don't say "Are you sure you aren't having twins" or "When do you think the twins will finally arrive" !!!

At 9 months - this "joke" is not funny! :-)

The McCullough's said...

Very funny! I think it is great that he is so excited.