Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Turns out that pregnancy really does prepare you for some parts of becoming a parent. In my case, one thing is that the lack of good sleep is prepping me for the sleepless nights that are bound to come our way after our little girl arrives. Another part of this change in my sleeping habits is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to sleep in anymore. I used to sleep so hard that I could sleep through my alarm and have no clue it was 9am and I was alread supposed to be at work. Now, however, it's barely 7am and I am wide awake.

Last weekend I was excited because we had a pretty low-key Saturday morning planned. It included sleeping in, fixing homemade waffles, and taking the dogs to the vet. Unfortunately, only two out of three of those things actually happened. Despite my good intentions, I did not get to sleep in. Oh well....let the baby preparation begin!

I did get to successfully try a new recipe for homemade waffles using the Nourishing Traditions grain soaking method. As strange as soaking your grains may sound, this recipe was super easy and made incredibly good whole wheat waffles that needed just a tad of syrup and butter to make them just perfect. I love it when I can find a recipe that is good for us AND tastes great!

Here's Chuck working hard at waffle-making: