Friday, February 13, 2009

Fetus Friday - 23 Weeks

Week: Twenty-Three

Weight Gain: 14lbs

Aches & Pains: Just the usual sleeping issues, but the Snoodle pillow my friend Kathy is letting me borrow is making a big difference. I am noticably more fatigued this week. We took some of the BBBS kids to the circus on Wednesday, and on Thursday I was completely wiped out. I almost fell asleep at work...not good!

Cravings: Pasta. Seems like I can't go a week without some. This little girl is going to LOVE Italian food and her grandma (or whatever my mom decides to be called) is going to love her for it!

Cool Developments: Much more movement from the "little bird" this week. She did something that felt like a somersault once, which is a preview of more to come I'm sure. Chuck was quite excited that this week he was able to feel her move on the outside of my belly...definitely makes it more real when he can feel her!

Belly Pic: Will have to wait till later for this...will try to post one this weekend though.

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