Monday, February 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday Surprise

This past Friday was set to be a ho-hum day at the office. No meetings scheduled, no client interviews, just some work to catch up on to get prepared for the next week ahead.

However, what began as a regular day quickly turned into quite the fabulous Friday! Around 10am I turned around from my desk after hearing a tapping noise at my window. This has happened occasionally before when a client needs something and we have already closed for the day but I'm working late. So the 10am knocking at the window was quite strange, since our front doors were wide open and there were plenty of staff around to help out clients. Compulsively though, I turned around to see who was there. My slight surprise at the knocking noise turned into complete shock when I realized that the person standing at my window tapping to get my attention was my former co-worker Sara who has lived in Texas now for over six months. It was a complete took a second for my brain to recognize that it really was her standing there...but only a second because the next second found me bounding out of my office, down the hallway and out the front door (startling a client in the waiting area on the way out), and running to find Sara outside of our office. Turns out she and her husband decided on a whim to fly back to NC for a visit on a long weekend. Her surprise visit turned my ho-hum day into a super fabulous Friday!

It was so wonderful to see her in person and catch up on what's been happening in each other's lives in the past few months. I am terrible at keeping up with people on the phone (never have been much of a phone person), so we had only chatted via email. It was so great to spend that time with her, even if it was a surprise and was a short visit. We enjoyed so many talks like that when she worked at my office and it was a nice reminder of the times we shared together.

Plus, just when I thought I was surprised just by her coming, she surprised me with a gift for our little girl! The picture below shows off her awesome sewing skills...she made me a Maya wrap ring sling! I knew I wanted to try out baby wearing, but wasn't sure what type of sling to try. This one is so versatile and if I can convince Chuck that guys can baby-wear too, it'll work great for him too. I'm so excited to try it out when our little girl comes!!

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