Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plumbing Issues

So for the past week or so our house has had plumbing issues. Although maybe "issues" is not strong enough of a word, considering we have had no working plumbing for over 5 days.

Turns out that the previous owners (and the only other owners) of our house may have been a little cheap (not in the triple coupon, buy everything with a coupon kind of cheap) and hired plumbers who fixed things with plastic patches (literally!) instead of addressing the real issue.

As a result, after replacing all the indoor plumbing that leads to drainage pipes outside and using the "power snake" to try to reach a clog in the line, we still have no working plumbing. Not only did we have a large clog, we also had collapsed drain lines leading out of the house and into the yard. A past plumber had tried to create a spot to address clogs mid-yard, and had literally cut a hole in the pipe and placed a plastic patch over it and covered it with dirt. We also found out that we will most likely need all of the drain lines from the house to the road replaced tomorrow. The exception is if the county comes out and determines where their part of the line starts (metal piping). Unfortunately, when Chuck called them today they said that they don't have the plans for our town and they really don't know where drain lines were put in the first place. It could be another long day tomorrow with no plumbing. Pray that it gets fixed pronto please!!

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Anonymous said...

im so sorry for you guys. Maybe it's better that you have to deal with this now instead of later. (I'm just trying to find a silver lining ;-)