Friday, February 6, 2009

Fetus Friday - 22 Weeks

Today I am unveiling a new (hopefully) weekly post called "Fetus Friday". I have seen this done on another blog and thought I'd give it a whirl as a way to keep up with the changes that are happening so rapidly!

Week: Twenty-Two

Weight Gain: 13-14lbs...that's normal, right?

Aches & Pains: This week I've felt like my body is stretching in a million directions from the inside out...hmmm...maybe because it IS! Otherwise feeling good.

Cravings: None to speak of, although I still am having issues being around uncooked meat. This means Chuck is doing more of the cooking. Works well though - I grocery shop and plan meals - he cooks. Good arrangement!

Cool Developments: Our "little bird" (Chuck's nickname for her) still tends to move more when I'm in the car. I haven't decided yet whether it's that she doesn't like the seatbelt near my belly or if she likes the music I'm playing. Either way, it's cool to feel her move more....except when she decides to kick my bladder repeatedly while I'm on my way home from work and can't do anything about it! We still haven't been able to see or feel her move from the outside, meaning Chuck is waiting patiently to be able to connect on this deeper level with her. He has already started making sure she gets used to his voice and silliness giving me zerberts on my belly!

Belly Pic: See post below for an updated one from this week.

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