Wednesday, February 4, 2009

22 Weeks & Wii Party

Last weekend was quite eventful. Friday night we had a teen Wii party/lock-in. It ended up being more of an X-Box 360 party playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero, since that's what some of the teens brought to play. We had two TVs set up so both systems were going most of the night. They finally crashed around 6:30am. I, however, crashed at closer to 1am and let the guys do the rest of the chaperoning. I think my all-nighters are over for least until the baby comes!

Saturday was spent getting the house back in order and ready for our friends, Brandon and Patti, to move in. They are staying with us for a few months while they look for jobs and a house in this area. We are excited that they're here working with us and the new church.

Sunday was busy too - we had worship early and then went to the first of many baby showers this winter/spring. Our friend Charlin is due at the end of February, but according to her doctor, she may be having her little boy any day now!

Monday we celebrated the marriage of Matt and Lauren with a post-wedding shower/party. My mom opened her house to the crowd and a good time was had by all. I ended up leaving a little early because I was just exhausted. Doesn't take much these days!

In baby news, I am growing bigger by the day! Our little girl is moving to where I can feel her more often now. Chuck still hasn't been able to feel her move and is waiting anxiously for that day to come! We are both so excited about her arriving. I have been feeling pretty good, just some aches and pains that come and go. Sleeping is still difficult, but there are good nights in between the not so good ones, and I'm learning to appreciate them.

22 1/2 weeks

Right now, Chuck has come down with some kind of virus and is just so pitiful! Poor guy feels miserable. Hopefully he'll rebound quickly enough to enjoy the warmer weekend coming up!

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