Wednesday, January 28, 2009

21 Weeks

Well, I'm officially past the halfway point of my pregnancy. There is definitely no mistaking my ever-growing baby bump! Little baby Taylor has made it quite apparent that she is growing...sleep is becoming more difficult by the day. My friend Kathy has offered to lend me one of those cool pregnancy pillows, so I'm hoping it will make a difference in the quality and duration of my sleep very very soon.

Other than sleep issues and a little heartburn now and then, my second trimester is going well. I get frequent questions about how I'm feeling, and I really am feeling much better these days. It's almost hard to remember that I was recovering from surgery only a handful of weeks ago. I feel blessed that baby Taylor is doing so well considering the rocky beginning of this pregnancy.

We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow where we hope to hear her heartbeat again and otherwise have an uneventful appointment if all is well.

The first of our many friends who are also expecting is due within two weeks and she is quite miserable, so we are praying that her little one comes very soon so she can get some relief.

That's most of the baby news for now. Up next is registering for birthing classes at the hospital. Anyone have advice about birthing classes, books to read, etc?

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