Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Craigslist Maternity Clothes

Okay, so I'm a little excited. Today I bought a lot of maternity clothes on Craigslist - all of this, 21 pieces, for $45.

2 shorts sleeveless tank tops
jean capris
3 short sleeve work tops
black work pants
5 long sleeve work tops
light weight beige coat
Velour long sleeve jacket w/ pants (activewear)
short sleeve pull over w/ pants (activewear)
long sleeve jacket (activewear)
grey sweatpants (activewear)
short sleeve pj top w/ shorts (nursing top)

Sometimes Craigslist purchases are a gamble. Just last week I tried to buy a new breast pump from someone on Craigslist, and she didn't show up two different times. This time was different however; we both got there early and it was a mutually beneficial purchase.

Although this really was a "mixed bag" of clothes, it ended up that the pieces I really needed - black work pants, a spring lightweight jacket, and some workout clothes, were perfect. There are definitely a couple of things I won't be wearing, including the pink and white striped maternity TUBE TOP! Sorry, but I don't think I can pull that one off. Despite that and the occassional worn out shirt in the batch, this was a great purchase.

To put it in perspective, yesterday I returned a pair of pants to Motherhood Maternity that were a gift and were too small and I got $32 in store credit...for one pair of pants! Then I turned around and scored this awesome deal. Woo hoo!
In other baby-related news (what you really wanted to hear about), our little baby girl is making her presence know more and more every day. The latest is that she really doesn't like when I put my seatbelt on...apparently I'm cramping her space, so I tend to feel her moving a bit more then. The same thing happens when I try to bring my legs up to my chest (in what used to be a comfortable position to sit in).

Besides having some hip pain at night while trying to sleep, most of the more difficult pregnancy symptoms have left me alone for the time being. I am seeing both heartburn and more difficulty sleeping in my future though! For now, I'm trying to enjoy having a little more energy and using it to work on cleaning out what will soon be the baby's room.

Anyone have any ideas for making a light blue room work for a baby girl??


Amy said...

Fantastic craigslist find! Have you ever used Freecycle? You should try it...I find tons of good stuff being given away. As for a light blue room, a pastel can always be made to look feminine. Here's a great site, though: By the way, I found your blog through Patrice's blog. :)

Anonymous said...

LeeAnn, if you would prefer a yellowish color, I have some paint for you...or just put some baby pink and baby green curtains up and put a girly stencil up around the room.
No one will even care...and the baby girl will not even know either.
I am glad we are all going to be able to get together in April....and I hope that you and Chuck will be able to get together with us again for Homecoming...please please please.
By the way, Nick and I will have to keep trying if you know what I mean....say some prayers.
Love you and miss you tons!!!!

Jenny said...

I'm having hip pain when I'm trying to sleep, too!! I hate it!