Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Craigslist Find

Today was busy as most of our Saturdays end up being, but this one included another fabulous craigslist find!

After I finished helping out with the monthly Angel Food Ministry distribution and Chuck finished up with a few meetings this morning, we headed out to make the pickup.

For an amazingly low price, we scored the following:


Crib mattress

Bumper pad

Crib bed skirt

2 sets of crib sheets

Matching rug

Throw pillow

Crib mobile


Check out the cute pattern:

Although I contemplated a more "modern" look for the nursery, I decided that I have always wanted an animal themed nursery anyway, and the colors work perfectly to make our blue-painted nursery into a little girl's room. Plus it has multi-functionality since it can easily be bedding for a little boy if needed later on down the road.

In our whirlwind trip to "town" tonight, we also managed to finish registering at Wal-Mart and Babies R Us. Although I've decided that besides the big things, it really is hard to know what you'll need as first time parents. Anyone have advice on things you definitely did not need?

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Jenny said...

With our registry, I got my mom to go with me to pick out stuff that I'd need. Then I got my friend with a 2 yr old (more recent mom)to look over my registry and help me "edit" it. She made a list for me, adding the things she thought were must-haves and removing the unneeded. Being in your boat of not knowing what to register for, this was a huge help!! Maybe Danielle can look up your registries online and let you know her opinion. Congrats on the great Craigslist find!