Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice Cream in the Dark

Last night after church we came home to a neighborhood with no power. Seems like the windy conditions were enough to make an extremely old and large tree fall down in the middle of our town's most busy intersection. (That's not saying much, considering there's just a stop sign there...). Anyway, the tree managed to land on a main power line that cut the power to our house and many others until early this morning.

What did that mean? An excuse to eat all the ice cream in our freezer!! It was a pregnant woman's dream come true! (although I think Chuck liked it too!). It was one of those, "darn, do we really have to eat all the ice cream?!" moments....I know, don't you hate it for us? Thankfully there was just enough left...a big bowl of chocolate ice cream for both of us.

After lighting all the candles in our room (there are a bunch), we curled up in bed with our big bowls of ice cream and played cards. It was a welcome change from what we normally do - curl up in bed with our laptop and watch The Office reruns. Not that I don't like The Office, it's really hilarious when you watch it with someone as funny as Chuck, but I enjoyed the change of pace. Funny how it takes the power going out sometimes for us to slow down and enjoy things in our life that are not plugged into a wall!

On a different note, our baby girl is doing well. She is taking up more and more space in my ever expanding belly, occassionally taking the time to kick her little feet as if to say, "MOM...come on, give me some more ROOM!" As such, I am quickly growing out of some maternity clothes and into others that have been waiting in a pile in my room for the moment that I "fill out". Thanks to Chuck's sister Melinda (hand-me-downs) and my family (Christmas presents), I have some cute clothes options. I could use a few more options though and have been looking on craigslist for good deals. Today I thought I had really found a great one, but then it turned out that the pants had all been hemmed...won't work for 5'7" me! So I'm back to square one. Anyone have suggestions on the best places to get nice inexpensive maternity clothes??

In other happenings today, I must have the best husband ever (have I mentioned that before?...oh, maybe once or twice...), because tonight we ate dinner together and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Definitely a chick flick if I've ever seen one, but he watched the whole thing and didn't even tease me too badly when I cried (hormones, really, it was the hormones!). He's making up for it right now though by watching some silly boy movie called Super Troopers. Instead of me staying up with him, I headed to the computer to write this blog and hit the sack. He definitely wins the husband points tonight and I get off the hook since it's late (whew!).


Kathy said...

Sweet Peas is a consignment store in Salisbury and they usually have a great selection of maternity clothes and their prices are wonderful!

Erin said...

Hi there. CONGRATS again....little girls are amazing!! but I am biased so far!! I found some of my favorite maternity tops at consignment shops and at Target and Sears. Good luck. Isn't it amazing how circumstances make us SLOW DOWN sometimes....we had a TON of snow this Christmas so all our "plans" changed which was a huge blessing because it made us focus on the meaning of Christmas and just ebing together with family and celebrating jesus' birth!! I wish the ice cream situation would happen when I am pregnant!!