Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Husband Ever

Can I just take a moment here in blog-world to brag about my husband? Yes, it is my opinion that he's the best husband ever. I could give lots of examples, but here's the latest.

Last night in the midst of doing dishes and other mundane activities, he put in a CD for us to listen to. I was really not paying much attention to what was playing, but all of the sudden he pulled me over from dishes-duty into the den. Before I knew it we were slow dancing in our little den to the song True Companion by Marc Cohn. If this is not a song you've heard before, check out the lyrics. SO romantic! This was the song that played when he walked in on our wedding day. We had listened to it together so many times before. Amazing how the lyrics can be even more powerful 5+ years later. I just feel incredibly blessed that we are even more in love now than we were then!

His impromptu romantic guesture definitely filled my love tank for the week! :)
Be sure to let the people you love around you know how much you really care. You might just fill their love tank and make their day!

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Mindy said...

Oh, that is so sweet! He is a romantic. I can remember him sitting in our apartment for hours thinking of just the right way to tell you he loves you! It was so so sweet!