Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taylor Family Beach Trip

Amist the turmoil we've been through the last few weeks, we managed to sneak in a little fun too! In celebration of Chuck's brother-in-law's return from 18 months in Afghanistan, we planned a family trip to the beach. Although the rest of the clan was able to stay for the week, we were only able to get away for a couple of days before heading back home to start CBC week 2. Despite that, it was awesome to think about how the timing was such a blessing, since we had just found out for sure that the baby wasn't growing properly for sure (after the third ultrasound) and that we would be waiting for a miscarriage.

Although we didn't have much alone time just the two of us (8 adults and 4 kids under the age of 9 will do that!), it was a great time to get away from home, work, and the normal routine. In just a few short days we were able to spend time playing at the beach, Chuck went fishing, we stayed up late (very late!) one night playing cards all together, and then we managed to get family pictures taken. The cool story about that is that we headed to the beach one evening for pictures, and after taking several of individual families, we realized we needed to grab a stranger to take one of all of us. Well, the stranger that we picked happened to be the wife of a professional photographer, so she spent over an hour with us getting fun pictures of us. It felt like a wedding! The neat part about it is that it was so impromptu that we had a blast, and plus, it was a free photo shoot! Below are some pictures from the trip.

Melinda with baby "Tyler-wyler" (6 months old)
The grandkids

Just the girls...posing!

The whole Taylor bunch

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