Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mid-Year Reflection

Today marks the first day of the 2nd half of 2008, so I thought a little mid-year reflection is in order. Chuck and I have had a lot going on in our lives the past few months (more detail in another post coming soon). For now I'll share this list of self-reflection questions that help me evaluate how things are going.
1) What is "working" in my life right now?
2) What has brought me happiness or disappointment?
3) Where was I successful?
4) What were my greatest challenges/lessons?
5) How have I kept my physical body well? What improvements need to be made?
7) How did I grow, improve, and expand myself?
8) What plans do I have for the immediate future?
9) How have I glorified God through all of the above?
10) What are my goals for the next six months?
The past six months have been a time of change and growth for Chuck and I in several areas. We have a new church home, Chuck has a new job, and we are trying to start a family. I tend to like stability, not change, so I've grown a lot so far in 2008. One thing always stands firm though; God continues to be faithful.

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Michele said...

These self-evaluation questions sound wonderful!
I pray God will bless you as He gives you the answers.