Friday, June 27, 2008

Random Post: Jobs I've Had

Not too long ago I took a road trip with my friend Sarah. We left headed to Nashville rather later than expected, so we drove most of the 7 hour trip in the dark. In one of the random conversations we had, I brought up the fact that although I didn't have a job other than babysitting during high school, I'd had my fair share of jobs since then! Take a look at the list:

In College:

1) Office Assistant - Career Services (work study job)
2) On-Campus Marketing Assistant - KAPLAN
3) Office Assistant - McGraw Hill Publishing Company
4) Childcare - Jazzercize classes
5) Internship - Southern Empowerment Project
6) Outdoor/Experiential Education Leader - Mountain Challenge
7) Data Entry - County Government
8) Temp - Rainbow Rent-A-Center (only one was awful!!)
9) Online Research & Data Entry - Open Mind Publishing Company
10) Childcare - for professor's newborn
11) After School Assistant - middle school program
12) MOOSE Student Leader - summer program volunteering in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

After College:

1) Data Entry (temp) - Ingersol Rand
2) Office Assistant - Johnson Insurance Services

After Marriage:

1) Office Manager - Cancer Services
Client Services Coordinator - Cancer Services
Patient Advocate (Patient Assistance Program Specialist) - Cancer Services
2) Advocate Reviewer - Susan G. Komen for the Cure research program

There's probably others I am forgetting...with such a long list in less than 10 years, you'd think I hopped around a lot, but really it was just I worked a lot! Although sometimes I wonder where all that money from college went...that's what I get for getting married right after college!

Anyone else want to share their list of past jobs?

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