Monday, April 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was my first try at really planning out meals for the entire week. I've done it here and there before, but this time I decided to try to stick to my plan. Sticking to the plan was much easier than I thought. When the unexpected came up (we didn't go to my grandmother's for dinner as planned), we had leftovers that I hadn't thought to plan for. I was pleasantly surprised at how free of stress meal planning was this past week, all because I took a few minutes to think about meals for the week. If you are not already doing this, give it a try!

Here's my Menu Plan for this week:

Monday - Hamburgers & Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday - Chicken w/ Pineapple, Carribean rice mix, Sauteed Asparagus

Wednesday - Pintos & Cornbread in the crockpot

Thursday - Chicken Parmesean & Green Beans

Friday - Chicken Walnut StirFry (new recipe)

Saturday - Ladies Dinner @ Jericho church

I'm looking forward to trying the Chicken Walnut Stirfry recipe from a new cookbook I got this weekend and trying my hand at baked sweet potato fries, a suggestion from a friend.

For snacks this week, I made Chocolate Peanut Power Bars - still working on perfecting that recipe! We also have healthy snacks like grapes, carrots, sugar/fat free pudding, and yogurt.

Breakfasts this week will be cereal, breakfast casserole, and banana bread. I'm experimenting with my mom's recipe for banana bread, my favorite banana bread recipe by far! This time I'll be trying to replace some of the fat with ground flax seed and some of the white flour with organic oat flour. We'll see how it turns out!

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brianesh73 said...

good to see you blogging again. I agree with you as far as planning meals. Jennifer really blesses us by doing that and keeping us away from impulse decisions. I'm sure it's hard work.