Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Family Life Today

I have been blessed with a 40 minute one-way commute to work each day for almost five years. I say 'blessed' because in the mornings the time gives me the chance to get centered on the important things before I arrive and in the evenings it provides decompression time so I can process all my dealings with cancer patients throughout the day.

About a year or so ago I discovered the radio program Family Life Today. It airs from 8:30-8:50am and I have to be at work at 9am, so it works out great. In the past few months I have heard programs on all kinds of topics related to marriage, friendship, kids, teens, parenting, Christian music, discipleship, etc. Today's program was particularly interesting since my friend Danielle will be experiencing the miracle of birth tomorrow (her second time...she'll be induced).

The program featured two pediatric on-call nurses who have written a book called The Moms on Call Guide to Basic Baby Care. It sounds like it's the "manual" that people always say that babies don't come with! It even includes an instructional DVD (for the daddies!) that teaches the basics of caring for an infant. They have a special method for putting babies to sleep that includes a particular method of swaddling that is supposed to work better than most. According to the reviews on Amazon.com, the book's instructions really work.

As I contemplate motherhood, it is good to know that there are books like this out there that give basic instructions and don't assume that all mothering is based on instinct. Some people might disagree with me, but it seems as if it can't hurt to have a little instruction going into it!

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