Monday, February 25, 2008

The Mission

This is a poem that two of our teens at church - Kirsten and Ashton - wrote after reflecting on this year's Winterfest event. Their insight and passion is inspiring.

This is our mission:
We’ve heard it all before
Go out and make disciples
Travel to all the world.
Those poor souls so lost,
Who’ve never heard of Him
They don’t know the price of the life given for them.

This is our mission:
Bring light to the dark,
Burn bright in the night
Let Him be the spark
Shine to the ones who can’t even buy life
Far from home fighting a war they can’t win
Those hopelessly sick abused by the guilt of sin.

This is our mission:
Know Christ to the max
One on one – face to face
A relationship above facts
An astounding closeness to the God most high
Above, around within us
To know gives eternal life

This is our mission:
To bring the lost home
But how is this done?
The missionaries don’t care or they’re gone
For the world dark and hurting
People right here; all around
Nowhere in their life can He be found

This is our mission:
Not to stand, fight or fuss
We start on our knees
Asking Him to USE us
Don’t let excuses escape form our tongues.
Be not ashamed of the ONE we proclaim
Instead we boldly shout HIS name.

This is our mission:
Forget who they think we are,
We are all of God’s people
We all share one heart
Love like never before
Serve like Him everywhere you go.
This is OUR MISSION, let the whole earth know

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