Saturday, February 23, 2008

Million Step Challenge

Today is Day #1 of Chuck and I's "Million Step Challenge". Our insurance company has a new Health Partnerships program and they sent us each a podometer. After a few months of them sitting around the house, we finally decided to put them on today. Neither of us are the most motivated people when it comes to exercise, so we decided to challenge each other to find out which of one of us could get to a million steps first. The recommended amount of steps per day is 10,000 so this will take awhile, but here's to hoping that the challenge will motivate us enough to keep this up.

The neatest thing tonight was when Chuck and I got ready for bed, took off our pedometers, and checked the steps. Amazingly...we had the SAME number of steps...8255 each! We'll be keeping up with our steps here on the blog by using Walker Tracker.


fzumwalt said...

Our Penguins are doing the Idita-walk ( I am up to about 800 minutes so only a few more hundred to go in a few weeks. I can imagine 1,000,000!

fzumwalt said...

Good grief! I mean I CAN'T imagine 1,000,000 miles!

fzumwalt said...

Rather, I CAN'T imagine 1,000,000 STEPS! OK...I give up.