Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Questions

It's been a very long time since I did a post like this and Patrice and Alaina both did it in the last couple of days, so I thought I'd join in.

1. Do you like Starbucks? And are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?

The nearest one to me is 25 minutes away and I don't drink coffee. I think I had hot chocolate at some point there when I was pregnant. Which was almost two years ago. Sometimes I really wish I liked it smells so good!

2. How do you decorate and prepare for Fall?

Decorations? What decorations? I am the person who hasn't decorated for Christmas much at all for the last few years. Everyone tells me that has to change this year since Salem is bigger. We'll see. As for fall, I think I bought a few fake leaves that I used as table decorations one year when we had Thanksgiving at our house...several years ago. I have a fall-ish looking candle I leave out all the time. Eventually our budget will have room for things like this, but for now, the pinecones I pick up outside will have to be my fall decoration. 

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities? 

Yes. And I'm really excited about it! Well what I'm really excited about is getting together with my college roommates and friends who just had a baby. It's a good time to catch up. My alma mater, Maryville College, is small. We're talking 1000 people small. Less than 1/4th the size of my high school small. And I like it. It makes for a fun time when we go back. They have a young alumni picnic, games for the kids, the football game, a parade, and we hang out and catch up and let the kiddos play together. Good times.

4. What is your favorite Fall clothing item or accessory?

Sweaters and fleece. I love to feel cozy. I have one sweater in particular that is WAY past time to send to Goodwill but I just love it and I can't bring myself to give it away. I'll keep wearing it, even if it's just inside when I'm home hanging out in the evenings just because it's so warm and fuzzy. Oh and I have a teal green zip-up fleece that I bought when I was pregnant that I love. It's seen it's better days too since I wore it every single day the winter I was pregnant and then again last winter. Maybe it's time for a new one this year...

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Oh this one is easy. My mom made me a Lifesaver costume. You know, like the candy. We were living on base and my dad was in the Coast Guard. Get it? I held a sign that said "My daddy is a life-saver." and wore the homemade cardboard colorful tube as my costume. I'm thinking I actually might have won some kind of award for best costume that year. Creative mom, thanks!

This year we are participating in our church's Trunk or Treat again. Last year all three of us dressed as cows. This year our theme is Charlotte's Web. Chuck will be Wilbur the pig. Salem will be Charlotte the spider. I will be Fern. This was one of my favorite books as a kid, so it will be a fun theme!

6. Do you like Halloween/Horror movies? Do you have a favorite?

Absolutely not. I don't get why they are so popular. One time at Halloween I found myself with a group of people who changed their minds and went to see Texas Chainsaw Masacre instead of going to the haunted house like we had decided. Thankfully Chuck was with me, so I just held his hand and closed my eyes, trying to ignore the screams and chainsaw noises. That's an experience I won't repeat!

7. What is your favorite Fall activity?

I really love to be outside during the fall, enjoying the cool weather and the breezes. I like hiking or just walks around the neighborhood. This year I'm looking forward to taking Salem to a pumpkin patch.

8. What is your favorite Fall recipe?

We love taco soup in the fall. Plus it's a breeze to make - cook some beef, dump in cans of beans, tomatoes, and corn, add some taco seasoning and you're good to go. We make a big pot and eat on it all week long. Yum.

9. What movie coming out soon are you looking forward to seeing? 

Eat Pray Love. I love Julia Roberts movies and everyone is saying this is a great one. Gotta wait till it comes out at the $2 theatre though. We have free Chick Fila coupons right near the $2 theatre...I see a cheap date night in the making!

10. What will you miss most about Summer?

I agree with Patrice. Nothing. It's too hot for me. Spring and fall are my friends.

11. When do you start your holiday shopping? 

Honestly, we don't buy much for Christmas. The past few years our Christmas budget has been so lean that we've bought a few things in the months before Christmas to spread things out. We did buy a few thngs for family on our trip in July to GA and something for my nephew at a consignment sale last weekend, but most of our other gifts will be homemade this year. Anyone have any great ideas?

12. Favorite exercise/activity?

I really enjoy hiking but we don't get to do it as much as I'd like. We need some suggestions for nearby places to go.

13. Best book you've read lately?

I'm in the middle of Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers. I feel quite unprepared to parent my very independent toddler and thought I could learn at least something from this book. I don't know that I'd count it as the "best" book I've read in awhile, but it's necessary at the moment. The most recent one I've read this summer is The Unhealthy Truth. It was definitely an eye-opener and one that changed how I view our food supply and the choices I make for our family when it comes to grocery shopping.

14. Do you make your bed every day?

I didn't use to for the longest time. I think because I had to as a kid - I decided it wasn't necessary as an adult since I just get right back into it each night. But we rearranged our bedroom about a month ago and since then I've tried to at least pull the blankets up and straighten up the bed each morning. It does make me feel better when I get back in the bed the next night for some reason. We don't have a comforter, just two oversized fleece blankets, so it's never pretty, but at least it's a little more straightened up.

15. If you could choose a personal chef or a personal shopper, which would you choose?

Neither. I like cooking and shopping. But a housekeeper? Yes, I'd choose that in a heartbeat. Actually, I've decided. When we pay off our debt (unfortunately, a very long time from now...), I've decided on two things - a housekeeper and a massage every month. Definitely no question on that one.

16. Which TV show are you most excited for this Fall?

Well it was going to be Biggest Loser, but we moved our TV around so now it isn't connected to our attic antennae, therefore we have no TV reception. None. Not even one single channel. So our monsterous projection TV we got as a gift a couple of years ago is sitting in our living room idle, only to be used on the rare occassion when we get a movie from Redbox. Eventually we'll figure out how to hook up the Mac to the TV so we can watch shows on the TV from online. In the meantime, you'll find us watching old episodes of Lie to Me and CSI on our laptop in bed.

UPDATE: Who am I kidding?? I LOVE "Bones". Just watched the 1st episode of the season tonight online. I told Chuck, "I have to wait a whole WEEK to see the next one?!" I'm used to us watching past seasons online so we can watch them one right after another. This is killer! Bones and Booth need to get together already! :)

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