Wednesday, September 22, 2010

adventures on the potty

First things first. Salem is not even 16 months old. Am I crazy to be even saying the words "potty training" at this point?! And a warning...there's lots of bodily function detail below.

I guess I should preface this by saying that she's really interested in the potty. Has been for a few weeks now. So, this past weekend I bought a little seat that goes on the big potty at a consignment sale for $3. I figured it couldn't hurt.

Last week when my mom was keeping her, my mom noticed that she got her attention when she started pooping, then let my mom know that she was ready for a diaper change by signing 'diaper'. First step - awareness of bodily functions - check.

This week when she's wandered in there and picked up her little potty seat, I've put it on the big potty and she asked to sit up there. So up on the big potty she went. But with all her clothes on. I wasn't brave enough for no diaper yet. She sat there, giggled a bit, played with the handle, then wanted down. No problem. I'm not pushing anything at this point. Second step - not afraid of the potty - check.

Tonight she was resisting bedtime and I was trying to determine if maybe she was still hungry when she wandered from the kitchen into the bathroom and started making noises that definitely indicated a poopy diaper was in the works. Third step - connecting pooping with the bathroom - check. So far, so good.

She actually pooped in her diaper, but then was trying to get on the big potty, so I put her little seat up there, took her (poopy) diaper off, and let her sit. She was thrilled to be sitting up so high and we talked about how poop (insert sign language sign for poop) goes in the potty. She didn't do anything while she was up there (believe me, I don't have that high of expectations!) but when she got down, we dumped the poop in the potty and she flushed, then waved bye-bye to the poop. I think I'm a little bit in shock about this process. I mean, she's still nursing for goodness sakes! She's still my baby. Ok, so she's a (very) independent toddler who just happens to still like to nurse in the morning and at night. Who am I kidding? She's growing up...and fast!


Melinda said...

It never ceases to amaze me how fast they grow up, even if you try to savor every moment - it still goes by too fast! I like to think spending several days with Tyler helped this process a little. ;-)

Jenny said...

Addison is totally not interested in having her diaper changed-ever...But she did discover how to flush the toliet the other day. I'm thinking that very bad things could come of that little skill... Maybe Salem will be one of the early potty-trained toddlers. No more diapers is never a bad thing!