Monday, May 24, 2010


Just a few pictures from Salem playing at home this week. She loves her new (to her) table that cousin Tyler is letting her borrow. It makes all kinds of fun noises and is teaching her things like the A,B,C's, numbers, open/closed, colors, etc. It's neat to hear her try to repeat some of the noises it makes. The other picture is of her playing with one of her favorite toys - a Baby Einstein toy that plays different classical music songs. She just presses the button over and over and over to make it play the different songs. I don't think she ever listens long enough to hear the whole thing. It's neat that she's learned how to press the button to elicit a change though. We love to watch her learn and grow!

A glimpse into her attitude. Yep, she has one. My mom says she's her aunt Meghan made over...I think I'm in trouble...

Playing very intently with her Baby Einstein music toy

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Melinda said...

Tyler and aunt Linna are thrilled Salem likes the table so much!! Tyler loved it too.