Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mama's Little Helper

Wow, I am so very behind on keeping up with our blog! We have had so much going on lately...there's just been no time to post. Salem is getting so big though and I don't want to miss recording all the fun we have with her, so I'm going to try to start posting more, even if it's just pictures for awhile.

For a quick update, Salem is almost 9 months old and is into everything! She has her own little form of crawling and can get to anywhere she wants to go in no time flat. She says "mama," "ball" (sort of), and is working on "dada". Stranger anxiety has definitely set in and she can be quite clingy at times (not that we's nice that she knows and loves her mom and dad!). She loves the attention she gets at church and everyone there loves to see if they can make her smile and giggle. Right now she's sick with a respiratory virus, but we're hoping that it's short lived and doesn't turn into anything more serious. It's the first time she's been sick and it seems like everyone right now around us is sick with it, so I guess it's not a surprise that she ended up with it too. Generous as she is, she shared it with me, so now I have the cough and congestion right along with her.

I am still working part time at Cancer Services and that leaves me with several days at home with her, which I love. She is definitely mama's little helper!

Helping mama do the laundry. She loves to stand and hold onto the laundry basket, pulling out clothes as she goes. Guess it can't hurt for her to learn to do chores early, huh? She seems to love that she's involved in what I'm doing, so I'm going with it!

Although sometimes she gets IN the laundry basket. Not much help, but cute as a button anyway!


Mindy said...

LeeAnn, She is beautiful!! I have been waiting for some pictures!!!

Elizabeth said...

how precious! she is getting so big!

Jessica said...

Love that you have posted more pictures! She looks like she is getting quite a personality. Miss you guys!