Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Squealer

Nope, not talking about a little piggy, just my little Salem. She's become quite the squealer lately. When she's in a really good mood she just smiles, laughs, and squeals! At the moment it's amusing and cute, but I'm sure when she's two and still doing it, it won't be nearly as darling!

Other updates:
  • She's found her toes! She loves to play with them while she's getting her diaper changed.
  • She has realized that mommy and daddy eat and that she doesn't eat the same way we do. When I'm working at home I often eat breakfast and lunch at the computer while I nurse her and type on the computer (yep, I'm quite the multi-tasker). Several times today while she's been nursing she has stopped, turned her head and looked at me with an expression that says "hey, why don't I get any of that?!" I don't think she nutritionally needs anything but breastmilk right now, but she's sure interested in mommy and daddy food!
  • Her hair is turning lighter. It looks a little golden on top so we're wondering what color it's really going to be. And she has one of those cute little bald patches on the back of her head where she's rubbed against the crib sheet while she's sleeping.
  • She's still in mostly 3 month sized clothes but is quickly growing out of the ones labeled 0-3 months...even though she's 4 1/2 months old. She's just a little thing :)

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