Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family Lunch at Cracker Barrel

As a kid growing up in a military family, we didn't get to see our extended family very often. Since we've moved back and are around my extended family more now, I have really enjoyed the times we've been able to spend together. I have an interesting family (don't most of us?!) mom has 6 brothers and sisters and my dad is an only child. This means we have a huge family on one side and a tiny one on the other. Most of the time we just do things all together.

Last weekend my cousin Ashton organized a family lunch at Cracker Barrell after church. Because we're such a big family, it's hard to get us all together, but this included almost everyone.

My grandmother is thrilled that she is a great-grandmother now! She just loves, loves, loves little Salem and says she could hold her all day long. Sometimes she comes over and spends time with her and my mom when my mom keeps her on the days I work at the office. I hope Salem with have lots of fond memories of her as she grows. My favorite memory of my great grandmother is playing the game Hungry Hungry Hippo on her front porch as a kid and then of her teaching me to play Scrabble as I got older. Mamaw is a killer Scrabble player (she just beat my mom again last week at a game!) and I'd love it if she is able to pass on the love of the game to Salem too.

A precious video of Salem's great-grandmother talking to her.

Sleepy girl
Hanging out in the rocking chairs in front of the store

An awesome picture of the different generations

Salem wore a special outfit to lunch on Sunday. Her (great) aunt Maria made this cute green "picnic table" dress (green plaid with ants on it) for her before she was born. She really is not into the whole bonnett thing, but the outfit looks cute on her nonetheless. Maria was so excited that she is big enough to wear the dress and everyone in our family and in the resturant just oohed and ahhed over her. "She's just a doll baby" is the phrase we hear the most. We tend to agree! :)


Claire said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! And yay for Scrabble too! :-)


Meghan said...

Mamaw sounds just like Great Grandma Caudle! Love the hands should do one with Mamaw, Mom, you, and Salem - that would be cool! I like your shirt and Salem's dress is very cute. Love that everyone called her a "doll baby"! So Davie County. :) I hate that we miss lunches like this. :( Oh, and Barrel only has one "l".

Jenny said...

Everyone calls Addison a baby doll too. We do have some cute, adorable little girls! Salem looks so cute in her green! I can't wait until we can take the girls out for another mommy/daughter shopping trip!