Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Super Hero: Running Girl

We don't watch TV much. By "much" I mean that we've never had cable in the six years we've been married and I really can't remember the last time we turned it on. We used to have Netflix, but have since tightened the budget and now use Hulu or NinjaVideo to watch shows or movies occasionally. So I was surprised when Chuck mentioned last night that one of his favorite shows, Heroes, is premiering next week. He must have caught up on past ones by watching them online because neither us of have really been the type of people that feels like we have to be at home by a certain time to see a particular show every week. Anyway, so Chuck is pumped about Heroes. Apparently he's taken his excitement to the next level though...this week one night when Salem was a little gassy, Chuck started doing the "bicycle" move with her legs to try to work out the gas. Instead of just a little bicyling action, he made up a story of Salem, "Running Girl," Baby Super Hero. If you can't make out the words in the video, the gist of it is that baby (AKA super hero) sees an older lady getting robbed and goes after the robber. Enjoy!

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