Wednesday, September 30, 2009

13 Weeks - A Day at the Fair

Salem is growing so fast! My cousin Ashton loves, loves, loves Salem. She takes time out of her day to come see her, even though she's in college over an hour away. I love this picture of them together. You can tell that they both enjoy each other. Horray for such sweet giggles from our little girl!

Around mid-September every year there is a fair at one of the church grounds. The fire department sells BBQ, people set up booths with crafts and homemade goodies to sell, and people enter their crafts, food, clothing, photography, and fruits and vegetables into the fair to compete for prizes. Since I grew up in a military family, we moved around and didn't have very many traditions or things that we did together every year. Since moving back to NC, this is one fall tradition that I really enjoy. I enjoy walking around and looking at all the entries, eating excellent BBQ, visiting with my grandma and her sisters who set up their crafts every year, watching the old timey ice cream making machine, checking out all the tractors on display, meeting people who my mom and dad went to high school with, and visiting with our friends from the community. Chuck is so great to indulge me and go every year. This year it was fun to have Salem to bring along.

My mom, "Noni" with Salem.

Family picture at the Center Fair

My dad, "Poppy" showing Salem the pumpkins. I call Salem "pumpkin head" and Chuck calls her "pumpkin seed" because he says "she's little now, but she'll grow to be big someday!"

On Sunday after the fair, my friend Jenny and I went to a kids consignment clothing sale. Our little girls are just weeks apart and it's so fun to spend time together seeing how they are growing and changing. Despite several challenges (primarily the heat and not being able to find the location of the sale), we finally made it to the sale and found several good deals. Jenny had the idea to go to another kids consignment store in town to look for a carrier that I had been wanting. Thankfully, we found both the Johnny Jump-Up for Addison and a front/back pack carrier for Salem for $12 each. The carrier has been a wonderful blessing, especially since Salem likes to sleep with me close to her. It means that we can be close but I can still get things done. I'm so thankful for people who have come up with these handy gadgets for life with baby!

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Meghan said...

Cute pictures! Makes me wish I was there... :( If Ashton hasn't told you yet, get her to tell you the story of her and Sharee going to the Center Fair with the big blow up Smokey the Bear. It's hilarious!