Monday, July 6, 2009

4 Weeks Old Today

Salem is 4 weeks old today! Wow, time really does fly by. In the midst of taking care of our precious little one, we have had little time to post pictures. No worries, though...we are making time to TAKE's just the posting part that is taking longer. Here's a few to get started. Hopefully there will be more coming soon!

Salem is sporting a mini mohawk here thanks to static electricity from laying on Chuck's shoulder. We affectionately call her "fuzzy head" (among other nicknames!).

Chuck snuggling with Salem one morning. We do a lot of that. SO glad she's a snuggler. I'm trying to get all my snuggles in now because I know this stage won't last forever.

Chuck decided that the puppies needed to get better acquainted with Salem. Ellie has taken a greater interest in her lately, so here's Salem using Ellie as a lounge chair. Ellie doesn't seem to mind since she's also getting her head rubbed. The puppies have definitely been receiving much less attention these days and are not too happy about it. Eli can't figure out why he's not getting nearly the amount of attention as he used to. Ellie has become more protective and motherly toward Salem - sitting near her swing, sniffing her, etc. - which we think is great.

Last week we took Salem to her first softball game. It was a cooler evening and we had a good time being outside for a change and enjoying good weather and good company.

We also went to the park last week and again enjoyed the weather and just being outside in general. She was quite content throughout the visit with my coworker Julie who we met at the park to spend a few minutes with her. It was so good to see her and Salem was in a good mood - a great visit!
My cousin Sharee came over today and took lots more pictures of Salem. She is going to work with them in Photo Shop and hopefully will get them done soon so we can share them. I know they will be awesome!!

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Melinda said...

I love the one with the mini mohawk!! You guys look so happy and I'm so happy for you. Glad I got to hold Salem for a few minutes - Tyler was really starting to warm up by the time we left. Love you guys!!