Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Week Old Photo Shoot

This past weekend Meghan and Michael came to visit. It was a long trip but Meghan really wanted to see Salem while she is so tiny. We had a lot of fun together hanging out with the little one. She used her new camera to take some pictures of Salem at one week old.

Our little love bug :)

Our little one - nakie!

Taking a break from all the picture taking.

The puppies, Eli & Ellie, hanging out during the photo session.

Our cutie pie

Auntie Meghan with Salem

Our little "baby bird"


Jessica said...

YAY! Love the new pictures. She is so very cute! I just love that she is so alert. I hope you enjoyed the visit with your sister. I know that was a very special time for both of you. Just wait until her little man gets here you are going to be so anxious to see him.

Melinda said...

AAAWWWWW!!! I LOVE these new pictures! She really is a georgeous little girl. I'm so happy for you both! And i'm glad Meghan finally got to get a hold of her. I understand her need to see little bird, even if the trip is long and short. I LOVE YOU GUYS and kiss that sweet baby from her Aunt Linna ;-}

Meghan said...

I miss her already!