Friday, June 12, 2009

Hospital Pictures

Last night was our second night home from the hospital. Thankfully, it went much better than the first! The first night was quite exhausting, with Salem wanting to eat every hour and then not really settling down to sleep before she wanted to eat again. It was a long night and it left us wondering how future nights would go.

Last night was much much different though. We finally made it to bed around midnight and were able to get Salem to eat enough to be full and sleep for 2-3 hours a stretch. It made for a much better night and we're feeling a lot more rested.

Today will be our first outing - Salem has her first pediatrician visit this afternoon. We're also expecting visitors this morning, our friends Jordan and Jenny and their little girl Addison. Addison and Salem are just a few weeks apart and we can't wait to see them together. Two little cuties!

Here's a few pictures from the hospital stay for all of you who keep asking for pictures :).

Salem all wrapped up in her hospital gear - standard issue hat and blanket.

Family picture

Chuck changing Salem into a cute outfit.

Cuddling with baby Salem

Some of Salem's first visitors


Mindy said...

Keep pictures coming. No matter what you think - you can not take too many pictures of your little one! Not Ever!

Sara said...

Agreed. I need more pictures. She's so tiny and cute... I need to plan a visit to come see all the Winston-Salem babies.