Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Salem Update from Chuck

So, mom & dad are tired. People are right, whew, sleep what a luxury! Salem is a great little girl, but has this deep and abiding addiction to sleep. I can't imagine how you ladies who endured a C-section had to wake your children after the anesthesia.

We have had a couple of rough nights. The CNA's and RN's are not on the same schedule, so we get 30 minutes of sleep between them and then Salem needs to feed. She is dropping weight pretty quickly. She is still within range, thank you God, but they are watching her, to make sure she does not lose much more weight. We just tried feeding her at 4am, but she would not really wake up.

We have sufficiently made her mad. We have undressed her and put her directly to LeeAnn's breasts, we are rubbed her, changed her diaper, I have burped her, and I even ran a cold container of cranberry juice along her back - nothing. This girl takes after grandpa Taylor and can sleep through anything!

She has the most beautiful bird sounds too! Many of you know that we called her Little Bird, when we weren't giving out the name. However, it is still so appropriate. She cooed this morning, I think it was cute, even though it did sound what I imagine a baby pterodactyl would sound like.

Oh, and she is excellent at self-soothing. So far she has not needed a pacifier at all. We started to offer one when the tech came in to do her hearing test, because she had to be quiet, but Salem just relaxed and watched the tech. We really do not want her to depend on a pacifier. We hope she continues to be able to self-sooth so well.

We are rushing to get out of the hospital, because I have a job interview this afternoon in Surry County, (for a job in Davie County) at 3:15. So, we have asked our nurses if we can be the first ones discharged. If everything goes well, they will try to accommodate us.

Then it will be a another day of firsts. Her first time at home, her first introduction to her brother and sister (our puppies, Eli & Ellie), first car ride, we can't wait.

Finally, my great revelation of God, is about his deep and abiding love for us. As I held Salem, I would tell her how much I love her. I know she cannot cognitively understand me, but that is not important, I just want her to feel my love. Then I thought, hey that is a God moment. How often does God look at us, rub our backs and say, "I Love you." He doesn't need for us to respond back with an " I love you too." He just wants us to know that he loves us. And that was me, praising God for loving me, and constantly giving me his love. Thank you Dad, you're the greatest!

Oh, and here are some more pics. Feel free to rave!

Salem's Details on her bassinet.

Close up of the details

Salem with Cousin Tyler, Uncle Nathan, and Tyler's momma Aunt Linna.

Salem passing the hearing test

Salem got a visit today from her buddy Jonah, see


Amy said...

Asher wouldn't wake up to eat either. Some things that helped him wake up and stay awake to eat...undress and keep a cold washcloth at hand (if needed for swabbing neck and back). Salem doesn't have to be fully awake to latch on. To keep her awake, try making small circles on the crown of her head w/ your finger or lift her arm up and down. Also, sit her up (this didn't really wake Asher, but it was always recommended). So many little ones lose weight in the hospital. Asher lost a pound (of course, he started off close to 11 lbs.). I had quite an ordeal w/ nursing at the beginning and learned a lot. If you want, give me a call and we can talk: 703.407.8503.

Lisa Green said...

I just can't stop searching for more updates and pictures!! I love it! What a miracle! Good Luck to Chuck on his interview! Love all five of you...Lisa

Jessica said...

Actually Chuck after my C-Section we did not have a problem with Olivia waking up to eat - but they had to try to get me to wake up! LOL I would fall asleep while she was nursing it was bad! In fact the nurses one day told us you need to come and get her every so often. We kept sleeping too long! Bad first time parents! :) Love the updates and really can't wait to see you the whole family together. Praying for your interview.

Mindy said...

Thanks for all the details Chuck. She is just beautiful!!! Congratulations again. By the way, you will be amazed (even if you were expecting it) at how many God moments you will have with your baby girl!!

Melinda said...

I thought I knew what love was, and then I held my son! It's truly amazing how much you love her isn't it? I just can't stop looking at her on my screensaver - she's really a georgeous little girl! And Jason & I are going to need a copy of that picture where Tyler is kissing her - how precious!! Thanks for posting it and keep the pictures coming! Love you guys!