Monday, June 8, 2009

Headed to the Hospital

Well I've been awake with contractions since around midnight and they've finally gotten to the point where the doctor's office told us to go ahead to the hospital. We're going on almost 5 hours of labor with contractions being around 5 minutes apart and lasting between 30-45 seconds. It was important to me that we didn't go to the hospital too soon, but since we live 35-40 minutes away, we both think now's a good time to head that way. We'll try to update as we can. Thanks for your prayers! :)

Note from Chuck: I'm super excited and super proud of my very strong wife who is handling each contraction with grace and supreme love for our daughter!

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Patrice said...

I can't WAIT to meet her. Please keep us updated. You're going to Forsyth right? Jonah and I can't wait to come for a visit. Chuck, it is your job to either a) keep us posted and/or b) if LeeAnn is unhappy with anyone or anything, to crack some skulls and get the girl what she needs. WOO-HOO! I knew the full moon would do the trick.