Sunday, June 7, 2009

Due Date Update

Well, today's it - Due Date Day! As you can see by this picture Chuck just took, baby Taylor has not yet arrived. Unless something starts happening very soon, it seems that she's going to be late. Or maybe "late" is not the right word for it...just that she's taking her time and she will arrive on her time schedule, not ours.

Even so, we're taking the usual measures to get the process started including spicy Mexican food for lunch and walks around the block. Now I'm laying in bed about to take a nap - they say that being rested is important too, so I'm going to take advantage of a lazy Sunday afternoon and nap away. Assuming I can get comfortable enough to sleep, that is.

We've enjoyed this last week together just the two of us, especially since we really hadn't planned anything in particular for the evenings since we weren't sure that we could commit to anything. We've been taking lots of walks, watched movies, finished up little house projects, been to Walmart at least three times for "supplies" because I keep forgetting things, and just generally enjoyed being together without a lot of plans. There's been lots of talking to the baby to remind her that she can arrive any time now and that we can't wait to hold her! Oh, and reminders that there's lots more space out here in the big wide world than in my little belly, so instead of pushing her little feet into my ribs, she will have plenty of room to stretch out!

I think Chuck really thought she'd be here by now, so he's even more anxious for her to arrive. Assuming she doesn't make any progress toward arrival tonight, we have a doctor's appointment in the morning at 8am. Maybe then we'll find out if there's anything going on that points toward arrival being sooner rather than later.

Please pray that whenever she decides to arrive, that the labor and delivery will go smoothly and that we will both be healthy. Hopefully when the time comes Chuck will have internet access and we can post some to give updates!


Doug and Liz said...

Anxiously awaiting news of baby girl Taylor! You're in our prayers!

fulksfam said...

Isn't it funny how the daddy seems to be MORE excited that you? Chris was beside himself waiting for Casey to arrive. I can only imagine how Chuck's acting!

You three are in our prayers :) Can't wait to see her!

Mindy said...

We will be praying. (I hear that Cynthia might be able to give you some tips on trying to get those babies to come! he he!)