Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling...2 Weeks Pre-Baby

The pictures below depict what is happening at my house right now. Yes, right now, at 11:27pm on a Thursday evening.

Let me explain.

Many of you know that we have had friends from church living with us for the past three and a half months. They recently rented a house and moved out on Tuesday night. The plan was for us to turn their room back into the guest room/office that it was and get the rest of the house tiddy-ed up so we'll be ready when the baby comes.

Turns out our parents had different plans.

Chuck's mom has been here all week helping out around the house. I cannot explain how much of a wonderful blessing this has been. Essentially, she said "make me a list of projects, and I'll work on them while you're at work." Wow. I can't say thank you enough. In the past 4 days she has (with help from Chuck and my mom) washed baby clothes; deep-cleaned my stove, washer, dryer, and refrigerator; cleaned the guest bedroom and helped us move things back in there; painted our hallway and all the trim; painted our back porch; and made dinner for us every night. And I'm sure I'm forgetting some things too.

Tonight takes the cake though. One of the last things on the "to do" list I left today was to clean the birthing ball I'm borrowing and bring it inside. It had been sitting on our porch collecting pollen and I wanted it to be ready to take to the hospital when the time comes. My mom decided to work on this while Chuck's mom was finishing up dinner. She made it to the bathroom and realized that the tub needed to be cleaned. This, of course, was something I already knew and had planned to tackle later. We have an old house and it takes some serious elbow grease to clean the tub and its very old caulk. Instead of leaving the project for later, she started cleaning the tub. Instead of cleaning the tub, she decided that the caulking needed to be replaced and she started tearing it out. Turns out there were at least three layers of caulking and she realized that the shower itself had been painted over and was chipping away.

After a conversation with my dad and Chuck's mom, they decided that what really needed to happen was that the shower walls needed to be completely replaced. So where did we head after dinner? Lowes of course. Off to pick out something to replace the old chipping shower walls. 30 minutes later, after a quick detour to look at outdoor carpet for the back porch (with a reminder from our parents that it really needs to be replaced b/c our baby will be crawling on it soon...), they picked out something suitable, used a coupon (of course!), and brought it home.

Naive me thought that they would bring it in the house and work on installing it tomorrow. Nope. Definitely not the case. They first decided that it would be best to remove the current shower walls instead of installing the new walls on top of the old walls. So down came the old walls. Then they realized that the wallpaper was peeling, so that started to come down too. That led to taking down the mirror, the fixtures, the medicine cabinet...shall I go on? I'll let the pictures speak for the rest.

Apparently I didn't really know what I was asking for when I casually mentioned to Chuck earlier in the week that the bathroom was the only room in our house that we hadn't completely remodeled. I didn't mean that I wanted to remodel the bathroom NOW, just that it needed to be done at some point. "Some point" always seemed like a long way away in the future. Oh well. "A long way in the future" is NOW. I am surprisingly calm at this turn of events and am instead focusing on being grateful for our ever-gracious, hard-working parents. Even if this hinders my nesting instinct to make sure the "nest" is clean and ready.

If baby waits until her due date, I should have plenty of time to "nest" and get things in order for her arrival. If she comes early, she'll just be introduced to the chaos that is our life a little early! :)

Deciding whether or not to tear out the old shower walls. The answer was "yes".

Pulling down the wallpaper.

Scraping the old caulk to prep for the new shower walls.

Behind the mirror...we found an old built-in medicine cabinet.

Me, right now. Chuck walked in the bedroom and thought it was funny that I was using my ever-expanding belly as a table for my midnight snack of chocolate ice cream and oreos. Apparently that counts as "adorable". I was just being practical, what can I say?

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Melinda said...

How awesome!! I, too, was caught off gaurd by how much grandparents want to do when it's time for you to have their grandchild. Enjoy all this help while it's available. Can I just say how extremely CUTE you and Chuck are as expectant parents?! Just imagine how CUTE your family pictures will be!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and can't wait to see that little bird ;-)