Wednesday, May 6, 2009

35 Week Appointment

Today we had our 35 week baby doctor appointment, complete with the strep B test that will hopefully come back negative so I don't have to have antibiotics during labor. I'm really hoping to not have to be attached to an IV pole the entire time during labor so I'll have more flexibility to move around. We should find out at next week's appointment the results of the strep B test.

We're down to the last few weeks so we'll have weekly doctors appointments from now on. I've gained 35 lbs at this point - exactly one pound per week. I'm generally feeling well, aside from some expected discomfort, difficulty sleeping, and being extremely clumsy with my big belly. I think I still occasionally forget it's there and try to squeeze into small spaces that I no longer fit into!

I'm still having chocolate cravings, especially for ice cream. Maybe it's all the extra calcium I'm supposed to be getting that's doing it! Although I had another craving for a Sonic corn dog and tater tots like I did in the first trimester, and I don't think that has anything to do with my nutritional needs!

Chuck is getting anxious for our little girl to arrive. At any moment if you ask him how many days are left until her due date, he can tell you right away. Today was 32 days...almost right at a month to go. Although he'd be thrilled if she came early. I, on the other hand, would rather that she waited until her due date so we can enjoy our last planned shower (scheduled for next weekend), finish up the nursery, and actually get my hospital bag packed! I still have to figure some things out related to our insurance and have some projects at work that need to be wrapped up. I know I don't have any control at all over when she comes, I'm just hoping she doesn't make her debut too early.

Tomorrow we start a two session breastfeeding class that I've heard is wonderful and really is helpful in preparing you for the new endeavor. We're in the class with our friends Jordan and Jenny again, so I know we'll have fun and laugh a lot. Tonight I had Chuck dig out a box of my old stuffed animals that were in the garage to find my doll, Mary. She was my first baby doll that I remember and is the perfect size for practicing breastfeeding positions. We're supposed to bring a baby doll with us to class tomorrow, so I decided she'd be a better option than a Cabbage Patch kid, although I'm sure one of those would have worked fine too. Part of it is nostalgic since she was my first baby doll, although Chuck wasn't nearly as impressed with her as I was as a kid. Oh well, what can I say, he's a boy.

Speaking of boys, I have thought several times that I really hope that the ultrasound tech was correct in identifying our little one as a girl, because if not, our little boy will have lots of pink clothes!

Well, I should be getting to bed soon. Everyone keeps telling me to sleep as much as possible while I can, so I'm going to try to heed their advice. Goodnight!


Meghan said...

Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see you next weekend!

Jessica said...

Keep on posting - or if you can't make Chuckles! I am really excited for you guys. By the way, I knew you would not be able to come to the shower and I chose the date in honor of your due date! :) Have a great rest of the week.