Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day turned Rain Day

This afternoon we're enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon at home. We were really hoping for the snow that was forcasted, but it's turning into a long rainy day instead. According to the radar, the snow went completely around us. The teens are bummed that they will probably have school tomorrow, unless everything freezes overnight. I wouldn't mind a day off of work either to work on the baby room, except that I have so much work to get done at the office, it wouldn't be worth it to be off. Oh well, for now, we'll enjoy the rainy day and hope for snow another day.

Ashton playing NBA 2K9. Patti catching up with people and pampering the puppies...they are LOVING being curled up with her on the couch!

Shaina, Brandon, and Nathan playing spades with Chuck. Such a great day to hang out together!

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