Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the Road Again

We're getting ready to hop in the car for a road trip to Baltimore for a conference for my work. I'm excited because Chuck gets to go with me and it's going to be a beautiful weekend! The plan is to drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway to take in some of the views and enjoy a more relaxing drive than interstate the whole way. This is also our "babymoon" - most likely our last big time away until the baby is born. Too bad we're not headed somewhere in the Carribean or somewhere more glamorous, but I'm just thankful that we're able to go (and most of it's paid for!) and that the weather is going to be so nice. Baltimore here we come!

On a more important note, please keep praying for little Jonah and his parents, Matt & Patrice. Today their story was in the local paper (read it here) and we are also praying that people see the hope that Matt & Patrice have through Christ and want to know more about it. Updates about Jonah are at Keep praying!

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