Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buckwheat Waffles = Cardboard

We headed to Chuck's parents' house for the weekend and I had the bright idea of having a big breakfast this morning. I'd been planning on making a batch of waffles to put in the freezer to have for today and for later.

I've been trying to make sure that what we eat is as close to the "real thing" as possible, free of additives and preservatives, so last week I bought a box of Buckwheat Pancake mix from Whole Foods. This morning I decided to try it out. We made one batch for me and Chuck, then thankfully we decided to use Chuck's mom's wheat pancake mix for the next batch since I'd never tried the buckwheat kind before. Chuck tried the first bite and made an awful face. I was really disappointed...unfortunately he doesn't always appreciate my attempts at better nutrition.

Thinking he was overreacting, I tried mine. One bite, then another with more syrup, thinking it would be better. It wasn't...he was right...tasted like cardboard. Somehow he ate half of his, but I could only manage a couple of bites. As much as I wanted this healthy new food to be in our regular rotation of breakfast foods, I think I've ruled it out.

Speaking of regular rotations, I came across a blog about creating a Master Menu Plan for your family. I had never thought about this idea, but it seems like a good one. Try new recipes, then if they're a "keeper", add them to the list of meals for the family.

Last week I tried a new recipe from the A Year of CrockPotting blog, CrockPot Chicken Cordon Bleu. Chuck said it was one of his favorite meals that I've made in awhile. I was most excited about the recipe for homemade "cream of ____" soup. It was so much better than the canned stuff and I had everything on hand. Definitely a keeper! Even though the buckwheat waffles didn't work out, at least this week's experiments lent great recipes for chicken and the cream soup. I guess that's how it goes sometimes, trial and error!

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Taylor Travels said...

Let me make one very important clarification. The buckwheat waffles were not quite the breakfast I had in mind. As a matter of fact, I am quite certain that even though the box read, "Buckwheat" mix, I believe it to be a type of mortar. It actually held my mouth together a few times. Dentists may have found a cheap replacements to wiring people's mouth shut. Not to mention it is a great way to add extra weight. Furthermore, i believe it helped put a complete halt to any form of a "movement" until sometime in April, when the bears are coming out of hibernation.

All in all, I appreciate LeeAnn's attempts at making us healthier people. I also appreciate her willingness to agree when something ranks just barely better than iron laden styrofoam.

Love you baby!

Chuckles the hubby