Monday, August 25, 2008

Epic Weekend

What a weekend! We have had a couple of laid back weekends lately since Chuck strained a tendon in his foot and has been hobbling around on crutches, then a cane, then a walking boot. He's finally feeling a little better and felt like getting out this weekend.

Our weekend started out with dropping off the puppies and picking up my dad's truck to head to Chuck's parents' house.

Last week I won a $25 gift certificate to from the Coupon Mom blog's contest. I found a new place to try out called Just Fresh Kitchen Cafe. It was incredible! With the gift certificate and $10 extra, we were able to get an appetizer, two meals, drinks, and two desserts. And all the food was fresh, healthy, and delicious! The atmosphere was great too...we were able to get a table outside near the fountain and really enjoyed the relaxing environment. Definitely somewhere to check out if you have one near you!

After finishing up our date night, we headed to Chuck's parents house for the evening. They just bought a new house, so we took a tour around and settled out on the back porch for a game of Phase 10. It was a beautiful evening to be enjoying the weather outside.

We didn't stay up too late though b/c we had an early morning ahead. Chuck's sister works for a builder, and we had come to the Friends and Family sale of the model home furniture they were getting rid of. We arrived at 6:30 or so and helped the workers finish setting out the items. This also meant that we got first pick of the items. By 7:30 most of the large pieces of furniture had been claimed and by 9:00 almost everything had been purchased. I'll post pictures later of all the furniture we were able to get, but for now here's the quick rundown of the items we were able to purchase - stainless steel dishwasher, stainless steel microwave, large mirror, bedroom floor rug, two side chairs, a couch, a large desk, a picnic basket, a clock, and various other baskets and two Christmas gifts. It was an incredible blessing since we don't have much furniture.

We headed back home after lunch and met up with our friends Nathan, Sarah, and Shaina. We prepared dinner, ate all together, watched the Olympics, played frisbee golf, then headed back from camp to the house to start a rousing game of late night criss cross croquet of chaos. It definitely lived up to the "chaos" part of the game since it was so dark you could barely see. It was a blast though!

After all that we enjoyed some homemade peach cobbler and headed to bed. Sunday after worship we had lunch then watched more Olympics, played pingo pong, and otherwise laid around after getting ice cream downtown in celebration of dad's birthday.

Overall it was a long but extremely fun weekend. The tiredness I feel now was totally worth it! Yea for fun memories!

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