Saturday, July 12, 2008

Criss Cross Croquet of Chaos

I'm sure you've never heard of this game. Well, unless you have been to CBC or happen to know Jayson, Sarah, Brittany, Jenifer, Meghan or a handful of other people who know how to play Criss Cross Croquet of Chaos.

From what I understand, the game was made up one afternoon a few years ago during 6th week of camp. Now you might be thinking, what is chaotic about croquet...isn't it the most straightforward slow-moving yard game created? Oh no my friend! If this is what you are thinking, you are mistaken!

Let me explain. Somehow, the creative creators of this new version of croquet have turned this once lackadaisical backyard pastime into a true aerobic activity!

So, imagine in your mind two teams. Yes, we have just up-ed the excitement because there are teams...this is no time to play up your individualism my friend. Now, back to the rules. The field is set up and each team starts on their end of the field. On the "ready, set, go" mark, each team member plays his or her turn in succession. Sounds tame enough. However, the goal is for each entire team to get all of their members down the field and back again to home base before the other team. Again, seems simple enough. But remember, the field is long and often the team members get spread out or start colliding with opposing team members.

Back to the name. The "criss cross" comes from this back and forth craziness that occurs in the middle of the field between the two teams. The "chaos" part happens as each team member yells to the next team member down the field to let them know that it's his or her turn. So use your imagination to visualize the silliness that occurs with at least 6 people running around, hitting balls with sticks, and screaming "go, go, go" while running wildly back and forth between the wickets. Wow, I am getting worn out from just thinking about it!

While I don't have any pictures of the actual action, here's some before and after shots of the fun!
Meghan and dad, the MASTER at croquet!

The gang minus Sarah...she was taking the pictures. Look at those balls fly!

Me and my sis
The whole gang...Luke, mom, Sarah, me, Meghan, and dad

Two of a kind...serious about croquet!

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Sara said...

Made up games are the best. When I worked at camp once we had 10 large cans of garbanzo beans left in the kitchen (like camp size cans). We made up a game called "Bean Wars" in which you had to get as many beans as you could from other teams stash into yours-- using only your hands. If you got caught (by someone stealing the sock out of your back pocket) you had to eat the beans on the spot.