Friday, May 16, 2008

Yard Sale-ing Saturday

My friend Sara hosted a multi-family yard sale a few Saturdays ago and I came over to add my stuff to the pile and hang out for the day. It was quite the busy sale! She racked up over $500 (definitely a success!) and I ended up with $9. Sounds like I didn't sell much, but in reality I just left with a bunch of stuff too! With my yard sale proceeds, I bought a cute bohemian skirt, a pair of Columbia pants that zip-off into shorts, a cute red dress for the summer, a box of 250 birthday candles, and my favorite of all...Sara's double papasan. If you don't know what a papasan is, check out this link. After it was all over, I "lost" my keys (they were really in the Jeep, I just didn't know that till later), so Sara and I went to Chipotle (there's always an excuse to go to Chipotle!!) and had a late lunch. Here are some fun pictures of the day's events.

The yard sale in full force.

Me and my coworker Anna

Eating Sara's yummy quiche for breakfast!

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