Friday, April 11, 2008

The Dirty Dozen

Ever since a nutrition class in college, I have paid more attention to the foods I eat. Now this does not mean I am a health fanatic - not even close! (The fact that my Y membership card has not had much (ANY!) use lately is a testimony to this...). But I am still concerned about the qualty of food I eat. Today's post on my co-worker's blog, Well Beyond Cancer, is all about practical tips for purchasing organic foods. Lately I have been able to find all kinds of organic food in WalMart of all places, so I think the scope of organic foods has officially been widened...but Julie presents the facts on what makes sense to buy organic if you have a limited budget. Here's a quick pocket-sized guide for your trips to the grocery store (mine will stay in my coupon organizer). Happy grocery shopping!

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